17 BEST Side Business Ideas for Ladies

Hey, girl! Find here the very best business ideas for ladies that will allow you to increase your income significantly and, possibly, build a new and more profitable main source of income.

Are you thinking of starting your own business, or having a side hustle to earn some extra money but have no idea where to start?

There are plenty of side business ideas for ladies, most of which don’t even require you to leave your home, so they’re perfect even if you’re taking care of your newborn or have kids running around at home. Remember, successful women don’t get discouraged easily!

Here are 17 side hustle ideas for women that will help you start your new business today, and increase your income without that much effort. 

1. Freelance Writing 

The first side hustle business idea you can implement is freelance writing. There are tons of topics you can write about, some of which are in great demand of writers, so you could start enjoying the income in no time. This, in fact, is one of the best side hustles, and a great way to make up to 100 dollars a day!

You can write from small articles to longer posts or essays, and find your clients on platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, or ContentFly. Your price will depend on the length of the article, your skill, and experience, so the more you write the more you can start earning! 

If you don’t feel that comfortable writing but are good at grammar and editing, you could proofread and still get a decent amount of money. Check out Gramlee to get started. 

2. Selling your Crafts

If you have a hobby that could make you money…no need to look further, you’ve found your side hustle.

Whether it is soap or candle making, weaving, making pets’ clothing, or any other kind of craft, selling them on platforms like Etsy or Amazon is one of the best business ideas for ladies. You could even start an Instagram account to promote your products and build your own brand! 

3. Writing Reviews

Writing reviews is one of the most simple businesses for ladies sitting at home. It’s a great way of making some extra money, and each review won’t take you more than a few minutes

Let’s say that you’re a housewife or stay-at-home mum and have tried tons of different cleaning products or kitchen appliances until you found the one you liked – you probably know many brands and products, so you’ll be able to review a bunch of them, increasing your income considerably. You can write your reviews on platforms like Review Stream

A slightly different option is taking surveys and watching videos online for some cash. You can do so on InboxDollars and LifePoints

4. Photography

If you like taking pictures, you could take up photography as a professional career and specialize in whichever (or as many) types of photography as you want.

From doing family portraits to weddings or events’ photography, newborn pictures, or creating your own sets at home and selling them on stock platforms like Shutterstock, the possibilities are many. 

If you decide on selling your pictures online you could create a really good portfolio and start earning passive income from them. It’s one of the best side hustles for women who love taking pics!

5. Rent your spare room 

If you have a spare room at home, instead of filling it up with junk and unused stuff, furnish it nicely and rent it out on Airbnb. This is a great side business for working ladies who don’t have much time to embark on a new job.

You get to choose the house rules, so you won’t get a smoker if you don’t like the smell of cigarettes, or a noisy dog if you don’t like pets, and it’s a great way of meeting new people and making some money without actually having to work for it. 

Another way of making money out of an empty room without bringing people in is renting it as a storage unit, keeping people’s belongings safe for a period of time. 

6. Babysitting 

Babysitting is a great small business idea for women…as long as you like children, of course

It probably won’t demand too much of your time, as babysitting is often required when parents go out to dinner or have an unexpected meeting and need someone to look after their kids for a couple of hours

Since the chances of someone trusting you with their children without knowing you are slim, start by offering your services to your neighbors, or even friends who have kids; you can then get recommended to their friends or colleagues and start landing more offers. 

If you have your own children to look after, you could take them along with you or receive the children you’ll babysit at your home. If they become friends, they’ll be entertained on their own and leave you time to do other things in the meantime

7. Yoga or Pilates Instructor 

Yoga and Pilates are activities mainly practiced by women. What better way of being surrounded by like-minded females, having a good time, and making some money than by becoming an instructor?

You could set up a studio in your garage or living room, and get a group of women in for a session. Invite your neighbors or coworkers and offer a first free lesson to get other clients in.  

If you’re into training and exercise, you could also become a personal trainer. You’ll still get to pick your schedule and earn some really good money without having to exercise if you don’t want to: you’ll be the one telling your client to keep doing those squats!

8. Start your own blog 

Starting a blog will probably not bring income immediately, but if it’s something you’d enjoy and you’re building it around a topic you know you’ll want to write about (and have a little patience) you could really hit it off and make a decent amount of money from it. 

Add affiliate marketing to the blog and if you really commit to it and to keep it growing, it could actually become your main business.

Ask me! I’ve been running a successful travel blog since 2014. It took a few years of work for it to become my full-time job, but now it brings consistently 5 figures a month. Who said that blogs are dead?!?

There are many ways to monetize a blog including affiliate marketing, banner ads, and brand partnerships. All successful blogs generally generate income with all of the above.

You could even sell your own merchandise through your blog, or use it to promote your book if you’re a writer, or other stuff you enjoy doing and branch out your brand. This is one of the more enjoyable business ideas for creative women!

9. Online Tutoring 

A fantastic, low investment business for ladies is online tutoring, which besides making you money enables you to work from home. Better yet, you’d get to choose your own schedule!

You could tutor from school subjects you’re good at to a second language, and if you have teaching qualifications you can join a network like Tutor to find students faster and get good pay. 

You could even sign up to a platform like Italki to help foreign students learn and practice their English!

10. Transcribe 

Self business ideas for ladies include becoming a transcriptionist! If you’re good at typing, you could really succeed at it. You’ll get audio content that you’ll need to transcribe into written text and earn quite a bit of money per hour or per piece. The longer and more difficult the content, the more you could get paid for it. 

A great platform to start is TranscribeMe, although it requires potential transcriptionists to pass a test or do a training course before being hired. This is actually really good because you’ll get a good background if you decide to really commit to the job or start looking for other clients or platforms to employ you. 

11. Become a Bookkeeper 

If you thought you needed a fancy degree to become a bookkeeper…I’m here to happily tell you that that’s not true. Bookkeeping is a fairly simple task that anyone can learn to do, although you’ll definitely find it easier and more enjoyable if you do like numbers. As long as you’re good at keeping files organized you could do a really good job and get a good income out of it. 

You can do it only a couple of hours a day and organize your own schedule, so it’s an ideal home business for ladies who like working with numbers and keeping track of documents and information. 

12. Start a Food Business

Another great business for ladies at home is cooking. If you’re a good cook, selling your baked treats or pre-made meals can turn into your main source of income.

People love and need to eat, but the modern truth is that most don’t have time to cook at home. If you make your meals healthy and yummy, people will flock to your door because who doesn’t like homemade food?!

You could also bake cookies or muffins, and if you’re not sure how to start advertising your services, begin by taking your treats to work and selling them to coworkers, or to your neighbors. You could also give some to friends to take to their own offices and start building your web of customers! 

13. Start your own Youtube Channel 

More home business ideas for ladies? Start a youtube channel! It’s not only a very good way of making passive income but it can also be extremely fun! Besides, you get to practice your hobby and share your talent with everyone else. 

If you’re an excellent cook you could do videos teaching recipes and baking tips. You could show how you get your make-up done on different occasions, either for going out on a date, everyday life, or a party, or explain how to do your own Christmas decorations (and other crafts) step by step.

The possibilities are endless, and you’ll probably have tons of fun doing it. Francisco has been running his personal finance Youtube channel for a few years. It brings great income, and he loves to educate people about financial topics.

If you’re very knowledgeable about a certain topic you could also talk about that – guaranteed, there’s someone out there who’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say! 

14. Sell your own course

Taking the youtube channel project even further, you could actually make your own course and sell it online.

Let’s say you’re really good at math and, even better, you excel at explaining it and making it easy to understand. You could design your own course, teaching different grades and saving many students from flunking the subject at the same time you earn some passive income

Are you a literature buff? Same thing! Divide the course into topics, authors, or styles and sell your knowledge! 

By the way, this business idea goes to everything you might be good at, not only high school subjects! You could then sell your course through SkillshareUdemy, or  Teachable.

15. House cleaning business

Cleaning is usually the thing most people avoid doing. Why am I suggesting you do it, then? Precisely for that reason!

Since cleaning is not an activity many enjoy, there is a very big market in which you could thrive. If you have even a fraction of Monica Geller’s (we all know who we’re talking about, right?!?) passion for polishing and scrubbing, you could make really good money making other people’s houses shine

16. Gardening 

Having a green thumb is a talent, I’m telling you. If it’s a talent you have and enjoy, you could use it to embellish your friends’ or neighbor’s gardens and build up a reputation to get new clients.

If you want to take it further and go all in, get into garden designing. Take a course or use your creativity and start turning people’s dumpsters of a backyard into real beauties. This small side business idea could turn into a major career if you put your effort and talent into it!

17. Do Massages 

Have you ever given a massage to a friend and been told how good you are? Or maybe you took a course or like doing it as a hobby. Why not turn it into a business, then? 

You don’t even need to go through the hassle of opening up a clinic if you’re not planning on making it your main income. All you need is a comfortable massage table and some privacy to start working your magic on people’s backs. You could use a spare room at home or go to your client’s houses and earn some bucks easing their tension away.  

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