How to Make 100 Dollars a Day: 30 Ways To Make it Happen

Wondering how to make 100 dollars a day, as a full-time salary or maybe on top of your regular salary? That’s a fantastic idea, and in this post you’ll find all the ways to make that possible. Check them out!

What would you do with an additional $3,000 a month? Would you save it? Use it to pay off debts? Start thinking, because finding the extra money in your bank at the end of the month is actually possible, if you’re willing to get creative and put the extra work into it. 

It won’t always be easy, but adding $100 a day to your income adds up to $3,000 every month, which can literally be life-changing

And who knows? One or more of these methods could even grow enough to help you shed your previous working life and start living the dream of being professionally and financially independent.

In today’s blog, we’re looking at the many ways you can start to make this dream a reality. First, let’s think about how helpful can be to make $100 a day (extra!).

  • You can use it to repay credit card debt
  • You can set it aside to use for a downpayment on a house
  • You can use it exclusively for bills, subscriptions and other necessary expenses
  • You can set it aside to build an emergency fund
  • You can invest it in the stock market or other long-term investment schemes
  • …the possibilities are endless

Let’s get started then. Here’s how to make 100 a day. Some of these ideas might make you $100 a day on their own, while some other will only pay you smaller amounts so you’ll have to pick more than one.

Become a Private Shopper

If you love spending time in stores, then why not turn it into a way to make some additional income? Using services like Instacart, you can become a contractor who works delivering groceries and other items to others who use that service. You can make anywhere from $10 per hour up to $25 at busy times.

If you have a flexible schedule and you’re out of the house anyway, then let it all be money-making time. It should be noted that you will likely need a car to get the most out of this opportunity.

Scheduling is entirely up to you, you can do the job as much or as little as you have time for, but it can solve your question of how to make $100 a day and your savings pot.

Work as a Copywriter

If an out-and-about side hustle doesn’t interest you and you need something you can do from home, then freelance copywriting is a fantastic game to get into.

As a writer, you can offer simple blog or article writing services for anywhere from $5 a piece to $50 or even more. Advanced writers might make as much as $150 an hour (I know this for a fact, I have a friend who’s an amazing copywriter!).

The trick with copywriting is just getting off the ground and earning positive reviews from customers; once you’ve done that, it can take off into a whole side career (or a whole career, period).

To get that launch, you can use a platform such as Fiverr or Freelancer, both of which are free to sign up. Create your profile and set your prices lower in the beginning to attract your first customers.

Your pieces could be anywhere from short 300-word blog posts to more in-depth pieces of 3,000 words or more. It’s up to you! Use your own knowledge and expertise to your advantage and find people who will pay you to write about them.

Freelance Proofreading and Editing

If writing original content is a bit daunting to you, then how about a side hustle where you edit other people’s work?

Using similar platforms such as Fiverr and Freelancer, among others, you can offer services as a proofreader and editor, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, fixing bad expressions in sentences, and more. There’s a big market for this service, especially among those who are writing blogs in a second language.

You can charge anywhere from $5 to $30 for a batch of 500-1000 words, whatever you feel your skill is worth or that the market will pay. As with copywriting, the more customers and positive reviews you get, the more you can ultimately charge.

Get a Car Wrap

Who said that a car had to always be a financial liability? Finally there are more ways you can start turning your car into a revenue maker. One of the easiest ways to do just that is to sign up for Wrapify.

This service places ads on your car, so that when you drive around town the ad will be seen by potential customers. With a full-wrap ad on your car, you can earn up to $452 per month as an estimate, just for driving around as you normally would.

It’s easy to get started. You just need to download the app from Wrapify, then sign up and start taking part in campaigns. To qualify, you’ll need to prove via the app that your daily journeys add up to 50 miles.

You just drive your regular day with the app on. If you qualify, then you’ll start getting campaigns. To qualify, you must also be 21 years of age or above, have a clean driving record, and have a vehicle from 2008 or newer.

Become a House and/or Pet Sitter

Are the neighbors or other people in your area taking a vacation? Do you have a good reputation as an upstanding member of the community? If so, why not offer your services as a house or pet sitter for the duration of their absence?

Sure, there are boarding kennels available, but so many owners would prefer to avoid them if they can, even if it means paying a premium.

Having someone in the house to take care of the pets or even their house offers great peace of mind to owners, and in the meantime, you can cash in some extra money.

Become a Dog Walker

Pet sitting and house sitting are great opportunities to earn some additional money, but they are seasonal activities.

For a more permanent cash flow you could offer your services as a dog walker (as long as you like animals!)

This is especially great if you live close to a lot of seniors who might struggle to walk their dogs very far each day. Seniors’ dogs may be lacking in proper exercise as a result, and you can remedy that.

Each walk can earn you from $11-21 per hour, or you can charge a fixed rate per dog and multiply your earnings by walking 4-5 dogs at once!

Teach a Foreign Language Online

Do you speak a second language? Maybe you picked up some skills during time spent abroad studying or traveling? Even without being totally fluent, your skills are useful to learners who share your mother tongue and are interested in learning even just the basics from you.

You can earn $20-35 an hour with the right opportunities. You can get started with profiles on platforms like iTalki, where you can become an online tutor doing 1-on-1 sessions.

Your pay may be lower than $20 when starting out, but you can quickly build a reputation and start to earn more by teaching people privately. Use LinkedIn to advertise and promote your services and start finding new clients everywhere in the world.

Become an Online Tutor in Other Subjects

It’s not just foreign languages that are being taught online, but other subjects too. Aspiring tutors can find a friendly platform in Outschool, where they can teach a range of topics online via live video chat software.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be school subjects; you could offer a class about creative writing, close reading, public speaking, debate or something else that you understand well.

If you’re looking for how to make 100 dollars fast, this might be the answer, as you can turn your skills into as much as $50 per teaching hour!

Work as a Virtual Assistant

This is one suggestion in our list that could earn you $100 in one day, and then some more. The job of virtual assistant is an increasingly demanded role these days, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the new trend of people working from home.

Executives and companies of all sizes are finding that hiring a part-time virtual assistant is more cost-effective than a full-time and in-house assistant, but you can still earn up to $4,000 a month doing it.

What would you do? Well, it could be anything from managing emails to offering customer service, writing blogs or social media updates, basically anything your employer needs. You can charge from $15 to $50 an hour for the privilege, and be working from home the entire time.

Deliver for Amazon Flex

The Amazon Flex service allows you to work as a part-time courier, picking up Amazon parcels from their centers and delivering them to local locations for a rate of about $18-24 per hour.

That means that you only need to work part-time to meet your $100 a day target, or just do it on certain days and mix it with other side hustles that earn you that extra income.

Monetize Your Art

If you’re the creative type, and you make beautiful doodles or paint masterpieces in your spare time, why not take the most striking and eye-catching works and turn them into designs to put on canvases, t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise that you can then sell through your own platform?

Services like Printify will make the products for you, and also handle the fulfillment side. All you have to do is connect them to your online store, and start creating.


The above way to monetize your creativity works in other ways, too. Services like Printify are essentially a relation of what is known as “dropshipping.”

This is where you sell your products online but other distributors handle the storage, packing and shipping of these items once they are sold. This basically means that you can sell your products without having to keep inventory in your house.

It’s perfect for those in limited living space trying to make extra money on the side. Whatever goods you have to sell, you can make it happen with dropshipping.

Get Into User Testing

Websites don’t just get built and then launched. Those who want  their sites to be successful will conduct extensive user testing first, and you can be a part of that.

Platforms like UserTesting pay you to be part of their website tests, where businesses can observe your facial expressions, body language, hear your tone of voice as you use the site and comment on what you’re seeing and feeling.

UserTesting pays up to $10 per test via PayPal and each test takes about 20 minutes, which adds up to roughly $30 per hour.

Start a Blog

This one will take time to achieve, so it’s not the best if you’re looking to make $100 fast, but over time you can turn a popular blog page into a real money-spinner if you can create content that people want to read. Your blog can also be a platform through which you can sell your own merchandise directly to people. 

Alternatively, you could use it as a platform for affiliate marketing, where you feature links to products and services of others and get paid for people who click on the links and/or purchase those items.

You’ll need to invest time in building up the blog’s content, but it can quickly make $100 a day if you’re writing about things people care about.

I’ve personally been running a successful travel blog since 2014, and it became my full-time job after a few years. It now brings a 6-figure income through a mix of banner ads, brand partnerships, and affiliate marketing.

Create Online Courses

Do you have knowledge or skills that others value? Then that’s something you can use to make 100 dollars in a day. You could teach online via live courses as we described further above, but the world of direct teaching isn’t for everyone, and that’s why you can choose an alternative like Teachable, Udemy, or Skillshare.

You can pre-record your lessons as creative and interactive video lessons, and then sell them as a complete online course on one of these platforms.

Some of the platforms take a commission, but if you generate enough sales and gain a good reputation, you can turn it into a nice passive income. I mean, what’s better than to make 100 dollars a day online, passively?

Become a “Tasker”

Do your neighbors have odd jobs that they need doing? Simple chores like grocery shopping, yard work, running errands, assembling flat-pack furniture, and even doing things like data entry can earn you good money.

One big online platform where you can actively advertise such services is TaskRabbit, where you can make $36-60 an hour if you’re doing things people really need.

Got a Spare Room? Rent it Out

If you’re a property owner and you want to boost your income, you could offer a room in your house as an Airbnb option, or as a longer-term rental for someone looking for budget-friendly accommodation.

It’s an easy way to turn empty spaces in your home into quick and reliable monthly cash. You won’t get $3,000 a month for a single room, but it’s a good start and easy money.

Get Rid of Your Car

This one sounds a bit extreme, but it works well for a surprising number of people. Many people hang onto their cars “just in case,” but that becomes a pretty expensive contingency plan. A car costs you in gas, maintenance, insurance and even property taxes in some states.

If you sell your car, not only will you get a nice cash injection, but you also save yourself hundreds of dollars every month in an instant. Use CarMax or Carvana to get a super quick sale on your car. These sites will buy it from you even if you’re not buying from them.

Take Surveys Online

Are you someone who doesn’t mind sitting in front of your computer or tablet and answering questions for market research? If not, then you can turn that into a little side hustle that pays as much as $45 per survey.

One good platform to get started with is Survey Junkie. Pay on most surveys is low, but consider how that most of them are short, and they take almost no effort on your part. You can even make money while waiting in line at the store. 30 minutes of this a day gets you closer to your goal.

You could possibly find more than 10 websites to make $100 per day in surveys, so do your research and start earning!

Watch Online Videos for Money

How to earn 100 dollars a day without putting in the work? Watching videos! You heard me right.

A great passive activity you can do on your home computer for cash is watching viral videos via a platform called Inbox Dollars. You watch videos that are put forward by companies looking for consumer input. Once you’re done watching, you get paid in cash. It’s that simple and yes, before you ask, is one of the many legit ways to make 100 dollars a day online.

Inbox Dollars is especially a good platform because, besides videos, you can also earn cash doing surveys, reading emails, and even playing games. It’s not high pay, so you should put in the time to actually meet your goal, but even if you make a bit less than $100 a day from home, you’ll still be increasing your income.

Become a Storage Unit

How can I make 100 dollars a day without any single effort? There’s an answer for you too. As long as you have an empty room or space in your home, that is.

If you do, you might consider renting it out as accommodation. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, so you could instead rent it as storage space.

Neighbor offers a unique service where customers can store their belongings in other people’s empty rooms. You don’t have to do anything except open the door to let the movers/customers put their stuff there, and then pick it up again later on. In the meantime, you’re paid up to $300 a month. The site offers you liability protection, too, so you’re covered.

Cut Your Expenditure

This one sounds easier than it really is, right? In fact, the key to cutting your expenses is simply to know what they all are and then know where to make meaningful cutbacks.

Apps like Truebill can do this for you. It tracks your subscriptions and other spending and offers easy ways to cancel unwanted expenses and make cutbacks of hundreds of dollars a month.

Creating a budget and avoiding unnecessary expenses, like daily coffee from a cafe or dining out every night, is also a big step toward your target. And while it’s not exactly how to earn 100 a day, money saved is money you get, right?

Get Cashback on Your Shopping

In 2021, transactions for online shopping no longer have to be entirely one way. With the help of apps/browser extensions like Ibotta, you can track hundreds of deals that will win you cashback when you make purchases.

You’ll get the items for less, and you can channel the additional cashback into your savings pot for quick and easy income. This is how to make $100 a day online, without effort, and without cutting back on your shopping. Is there a better way?

Turn Photography into Cash

No, we’re not saying that your selfies or group selfies can be uploaded and sold for cash, but if you’ve got a passion for genuine quality photography, then you can turn photos you snap into very quick cash via platforms such as Shutterstock and iStock.

Contributors can earn commission on every sale, sometimes as high as 45 percent. It might not be much per photo, but build up a handsome portfolio and it can be a nice side gig.

It’s a sort of side gig and it actually requires that you put in the time and effort, but it’s how over time you can make $100 dollars a day, online, without investment or getting an actual second job.

Create a Popular YouTube Channel

Like a blog, YouTube offers content creators channels to make money when their channels start to become popular and gain subscribers. From 1,000 subscribers or more and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, you can officially monetize your channel and start earning via advertising.

Depending on your audience, you but it’s completely passive so you needn’t do anything -except keep posting new videos!. You can earn more on your channel if you gain support via direct sponsors who pay you to mention their product or service, or with affiliate marketing.

Similar to the blog, talk about things that people care about and you can quickly create a following. How to make a hundred dollars a day? You’ll be making much more than that if you can pull it off!

My partner’s Youtube channel about personal finance (in Spanish), has been bringing a 6 figures yearly income over the last few years, so it can definitely be a profitable way to work online!

Write Music Reviews

When you listen to music, do you instantly have many words you’d like to say about it? You should try using a platform like Slice the Pie.

You can listen to all kinds of new music, as well as other content, and then write your reviews and get paid for them. It’s only a small amount of money, but it’s also practically zero effort and allows you to enjoy all-new artistic content for free at the same time.

Offer Up Care or Babysitting Services

If you have neighbors with kids, you can make a nice extra income babysitting while the parents are at work or out at a party or event. It’s pretty straightforward, and you’ll be earning money basically for playing and looking out for them.

If you have young kids of your own it’s even better because they can play together and keep one another occupied and happy while you just do your thing.

Besides babysitting, you might also find a market offering a service to help with the care of people’s elderly relatives. Whether it’s just offering to spend time with them, help them with chores and errands, or something else, it can all come as paid work.

Check out websites like Urban Sitter or Care to learn more about getting started.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Do you think you could stand to lose a few pounds? If you’re overweight or otherwise conscious of your weight and need some encouragement to start exercising, what better than earning money for your progress?

You can check out HealthyWage, and win thousands of dollars if you reach your weight loss goals. You just sign up, make a personal challenge for your weight loss and the platform will calculate your potential prize money.

While this is not the definition of how to make $100 a day with passive income, it’s pretty passive if you think that the effort is actually for your own benefit.

Virtual Friendship

This way to make $100 a day is not as dodgy as it sounds, it’s actually a very unique and interesting way to supplement income. Platforms like Rent a Friend, and Friend PC offer people services where they can take time to talk with people via video chat or text chat about a range of topics and needs.

It can be very affirming for them, and lucrative for you, with pay rates reaching as high as $50 per hour. It’s a nice way to earn money just by chatting online.

Create Lists

This one is similar to blog writing and copywriting, but there is one particular article type – a “Listicle” where you list “The Top 10… of All Time” or something similar, and get paid a neat $100 for it.

Use Listverse to see how it works, but if you’ve got original ideas for entertaining lists that you can research and write within a day and submit, you could earn $100 per list, per day.

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