56 Fun Things To Do With No Money

Looking for incredibly fun things to do with no money? There are way more than you probably imagine. Check them out and start enjoying them in your everyday life!

Having fun doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost any money at all!

Maybe you’re trying to save money on a tight budget, or it’s the end of the month and your budget doesn’t allow for expensive outings.

There are countless ways you can enjoy a great time without spending a cent, and this post will prove it to you. So the next time you feel like canceling all plans because of the money, you can propose a fun, creative, and inexpensive activity to enjoy with your friends or family!

Check out these 56 fun things to do with no money.

Have a Picnic

Pack your homemade sandwiches, a tablecloth, and some cups, and go for a picnic! Who doesn’t love having a little meal while sitting on the grass with beautiful surroundings? 

If you have kids, they’re going to be thrilled with the adventure! And if you don’t, take your partner, friends, or yourself to the loveliest spot you can think of close to home and enjoy the afternoon in a fun and different way, one of the most fun things to do without money.

Going on your own? Take that book you’ve been wanting to read for ages but never found the time, or listen to a podcast as you people-watch and enjoy your treats! If doing a lunch picnic doesn’t suit you, take a thermos with hot water and your favorite mug instead, and have a coffee or tea date in the park!  

Night picnic, you said? Head to the next activity! 

Go Stargazing 

Stargazing is one of the most awe-inspiring activities you can do, and it’s completely free! You can look for meteorite showers or planet sighting forecasts in astrology blogs, and plan a date under the stars.

If you live in the city, you may need to get a bit far to avoid light pollution, but it will be worth it. Even if there are no events happening, stargazing and looking out for shooting stars is a great experience and one of the most romantic things to do that don’t cost money. You can even download free apps to identify the stars you’re looking at!

Take blankets with you and, why not, a nocturnal picnic, and enjoy your night. 

Take Advantage of Free Days at Museums

In most cities, there are museums and art galleries that don’t charge an entry fee, but even if they do, they usually have a weekly or monthly day in which entrance is free. If you live in the area, you may get to skip the ticket for being a local, so take advantage of it and enjoy the art and culture of your city! 

Find Free Concerts and Events To Attend

Likewise, organizations and municipalities often organize free events, festivals, or concerts where you can get to see your favorite bands. They are most popular during the spring and summer, when you’ll probably come across drama plays or shows in parks or squares. It’s quite an experience, and it won’t cost you a cent!

Be on the lookout for upcoming events on your town’s website, and have fun! 

Spend your Day at a Farmers Market or Flea Market

Flea Markets are an attraction by themselves; you don’t need to buy anything to have a great time! You’ll probably find quirky stalls, plenty of handmade crafts and clothes, incredibly-smelling food, and live musicians. You can get inspiration to do your own decorations or gifts, chat with the vendors and spend a really fun morning or afternoon. 

Likewise, farmers markets are a great place to visit not only to get your fresh produce but to learn about the vegetables you consume, converse with the farmers and try the free treats that you’ll likely be offered!

Go Camping… 

In your backyard! Get the tent ready, make a little bonfire if you have the equipment (please do this safely, though!), get the s’mores ingredients out of your pantry, and enjoy a night to remember, without leaving your house! 

If you have children you can read some stories using a flashlight, or hang it from the tent’s ceiling to play board games before bed; they’ll be thrilled! Or else, you can make it a romantic experience, with a stargazing session and well, some cuddling before calling it a night. 

If camping in your backyard seems like unnecessary trouble (trust me, it’s not! But hey, you can think so) you can research free camping sites in your area and spend a fun weekend there.  

Join a Photography Challenge 

If you’re into photography, you’ll love this activity, as it will give you the chance and motivation to get your camera out of its bag and start shooting. It’s a great way to practice, and you’ll be challenged to photograph things you’d probably never thought of as you follow the challenge. 

You can join photography challenges that you see online or on social media, or google for one that sparks your interest and gets you shooting! A good idea to keep you accountable is sharing your daily pics with your friends or on Instagram, and who knows? You may inspire other people to do it as well!

Exercise in the Outdoors

Going outdoors equals getting a shot of energy, just for feeling the sun on your face and feeling the breeze. It’s free, it’s refreshing, and most of us don’t do it nearly as often. So choose to do your exercise outside instead of locking yourself up in a gym or your living room. It’s a great way to cut your expenses!

Go for a run in the park, go hiking in nearby trails or ride your bike around the neighborhood; the fresh air and the views will probably help motivate you to get out and exercise when you feel like skipping a session as well. 


Volunteering is a great way to spend your time, and not only is it free but very fulfilling, so you’ll be gaining big time. 

Look for community projects in your area that you can join, do beach cleanups with an organization or your friends, visit a nursing home to offer company and conversation to the elderly, or propose to teach your skills to children in your local school, whether it’s playing an instrument, painting or a language. You’ll feel great afterward and probably richer, even when you didn’t earn nor spend any money! 

Join a Meet Up Group

One of the best ways to meet new people is through meetups. You can find groups or individuals who share your same passion or hobbies and meet up with them to enjoy it together, exchange skills or advice and, very likely, make new friends. 

Check out Meetup, a website that connects like-minded locals and features all sorts of events, and find your new group of people!

Play Boardgames

Whoever said board games are overrated? Let’s agree that they actually meant underrated, and move on. Board games are not only for children, either. There are tons of board games specifically designed for adults, and classic games that have been around for ages and that are loved by kids and grown-ups alike. 

What’s better is that you probably have quite a few board games around from when your kids were younger or you went through a phase and bought many, so no need to spend money to play! 

Besides, board games are suitable for almost every occasion, whether you’re in a family reunion, friends’ meeting at someone’s house, a lazy weekend afternoon, a date in need of an icebreaker… 

Listen to Podcasts 

Podcasts are incredibly popular these days and for a good reason. You can find podcasts on almost every topic you can think of, from cooking tips to finances, travel, personal growth, business strategies, parenting…The list goes on and on. 

Find a topic you’re interested in, or ask friends or colleagues for recommendations, and start listening! You can have fun and learn new things while exercising, making dinner, or going around doing your chores, so not having time is not an excuse. 

Improve Your Cooking Skills

Do you love cooking? Or do you hate it and feel like you have zero skills? Either way, you probably have to cook now and again, either for an event or your daily meals, so improving your skills cannot hurt a bit.

You can find many recipes that are easy and filled with tips and advice on youtube, which allows you to cook alongside your virtual instructor, and you can always pause it or go back if you need to.

An alternative is looking up on the internet how to do certain things you have trouble with, like slicing certain vegetables or the difference between shredded and grated. 

If you’re already an experienced cook, find recipes that challenge you and have fun learning new combinations and methods!

Improve your other skills 

Cooking is not the only skill you can work on. If you’re creative and enjoy doing crafts you can benefit from tons of free tutorials online, level up your drawings with some watercolor lessons, or finally learn to knit. 

Websites like Coursera and edX offer free courses on various subjects, the latter platform featuring lessons by top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Berkley. Of course, you can also browse youtube for people’s tutorials teaching their abilities, or…

Start your Own Youtube Channel!

Maybe you have abilities of your own that you can share with other people, like a fantastic makeup routine you finally mastered, the guitar chords to a popular song, woodworking step by step, or even teaching a new language.

Starting a youtube channel can become a really fun hobby, and you can even start to earn some money from it if you have enough views and subscribers! 

Declutter your House 

Don’t skip this one yet! I get decluttering your house may not sound fun (at first) but it’s one of the best items on the list, so read on. 

Any form of decluttering, whether it’s in your house, closet, people in your life, or mind, is worth the effort and time, and a life-changer. 

But let’s start with the easy one and declutter your house. You can start by checking the garage for all that garbage you save thinking it will be useful someday, and which has been sitting in boxes for years, completely forgotten and unused.

Move on to your wardrobe and say goodbye to all those pieces of clothing that no longer fit you, then check your library for books you no longer want, your DVD or game collection…Everything that is taking up space in your home without contributing to your life can go. 

You’ll end up with a much clearer space, renewed energy in your rooms and, maybe, new things you didn’t know you had and to which you’ll give plenty of use. 

Work on your Bucket List + Year’s Resolutions

Dreaming is free, right? You know what else is? Writing those dreams down and placing that list on your fridge door, so you’re constantly reminded of your goals (make them SMART goals!) and can work out ways to achieve them. 

If you have a dream destination but deem it impossible, write it down. If your goal is to go on a staycation for a weekend or afford the newest toy for your nephew, write them down as well.

Bucket list items don’t need to be fantastic, enormous things like buying a Ferrari or going abroad for a year vacation; they can also be the little things you want to accomplish but don’t usually have the time or the means. 

And since you’re at it, work on your year’s resolutions as well! Think about what you would like to change in your life by the end of the year, and what commitments you want to make to yourself, like exercising more often or reading a book a month, and then work on them the rest of the time. 

Go to the Gym (for free!)

Exercising was one your year’s resolutions, but going to the gym costs money. And we’re actually looking for fun things to do without spending money, right? Let me break it to you, then: you can go to the gym for free. 

Many, if not most gyms offer the first class you attend for free, so you can get to know the place and the dynamics. Some will even give you the first week for free!

Check out the gyms in your area, and start with the closest to home; enjoy your free classes, and then go to make inquiries in the next fitness center. Depending on how many there are in your area you can go a whole month without paying for a gym but enjoying its facilities!

Become a tourist in your own city 

When was the last time you went sightseeing in your own town or city? I thought so. Well, now it’s a fantastic time to do it!

Free things to do with friends include researching the most popular – and off the beaten path – attractions near you, planning a route, and going out to explore! You could even ask for directions now and again, to feel like a real tourist and pretend you’re on a trip somewhere new.

If you’re doing the photography challenge, take your camera with you and shoot your tour. 

Make a ‘time capsule’ for your future self

In a time capsule, you can put anything from a letter to your future self, either with advice or a description of your current life and feelings, so you can revisit it many years from now; newspapers that depict life as it is now; pictures or postcards; dreams you want to accomplish…anything you may want your future version to read. 

On the outside write the present date and state when you’ll be allowed to open it, and save it until then. 

Organize a Movie Night (in Your Living Room)

If you like going to the movies with your friends but are on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a movie night for free; just host it at home! 

You can make homemade popcorn and fill your living room floor with blankets and pillows to create a cozy, comfortable seating area, and ask your friends to bring their favorite DVDs along. If you already have a subscription to a streaming service, you can choose the movie (or series) from there.

The best part is that you’ll be able to discuss the movie without anyone shushing you (your friends, probably, but it’s not as uncomfortable as when random people do it) and you can then turn your movie night into a sleepover or a debate. 

Join the Geocaching hype 

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunting game, and to enjoy it you only need a phone with a GPS (which you probably already have) and the Geocaching app, which is free. 

You’ll then go hunting for treasures all over your neighborhood by following the GPS coordinates. How fun is that!

Catch Up with Your Reading

If you have a library in your home, you probably own books you’ve never read and that have been on your reading radar for ages but still haven’t left the shelf. Well, today can be the day that changes. 

Take the book along with your picnic basket and mix the activities, or curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of (insert favorite drink) and lose yourself in the pages. 

Learn a New Language 

Learning a new language is a really useful skill, it’s fun and can also be free! 

Download an app like Duolingo or Memrise, choose your language, and start learning! You can then join meetups to practice speaking with fellow learners or even natives that live in your area. 

Host Swap Meetings with Friends

What to do when you have no money but are in desperate need of a new dress for a party, or a book you haven’t read a dozen times already? You plan a swap meet!

This is one of the most fun things to do for free with friends, as everyone has to bring items they no longer use (which are in a good state), like clothing, books, DVDs, jewelry, or makeup, and voilá! You swap. 

All of you will go home with something new at no cost, having enjoyed a really good time as a plus. 

Start a Journal 

Things to do without spending money include journaling, the answer to calming the chaos in your mind, and figuring out your goals, struggles, and feelings. It offers introspection and the chance to gain mental clarity, and it can be a great habit to help you achieve your objectives and get to know yourself better. 

You can include it in your morning routine, or journal at night to review the day’s events. It’s free, it contributes to your life, and it can be really fun! 

Work on your Vision Board 

Another great activity you can pair with journaling is creating a vision board. Spend some time looking through old magazines you found during the decluttering session, looking for images online and gathering photos of yourself.

Make the brightest most beautiful vision board with all of your dreams and goals, so you smile every time you look at it and constantly remind yourself what you’re working for. 

Call (or meet with!) family members

What to do with no money but plenty of time in your hands? Use that time to call that family member you rarely see and you know will be so happy to receive your call! Or better yet, go visit them. 

It can be your grandparents, a distant cousin, or even friends you lost touch with over the years but with whom you’d like to reconnect. The people in our lives are pillars, so make sure you acknowledge yours! 

Go to a Book Reading

Local bookshops, libraries, and even coffee shops usually host book or poetry readings to promote a new author or work, and they’re free! 

Check the events calendar of the places around you and enjoy a shot of culture. These kinds of events are also great for meeting new people with similar interests to yours. 

Play Board Games…Online 

Got hung up on the board games idea but there’s no one to play with? Go online! 

You can play chess, do puzzles or sudoku online, or join other players on game platforms that offer plenty of fun games. 

Visit a Local Library 

Local libraries hold the answer to many questions, and if you thought the only thing you can get at a library are books…think again!

While libraries are a great place to do researches or study, they can also lend you books (both educational and for entertainment), movies, resources, games, and music. You may need to become a member of the library to enjoy the benefits, but it’s usually free. 

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

The Geocaching inspired you to do a Scavenger Hunt for your children’s birthday or a fun event that you’re planning? 

Scavenger Hunts are incredibly fun, but they take quite a bit of time to organize, so it’s never too early to start! Gather ideas, clues, and little treasures, and let the adventure begin! You’ll have more fun if you’re not rushed, and the extra time can allow you to handcraft as much as possible; it’s one of the best things to do when you have no money.

Look Out for Free Tours (factories, breweries, city, buildings)

When planning your tour around the city you’ll probably come across buildings, museums, or factories you may want to visit. Did you know many places like that offer free tours? 

Check out if your favorite brewery or candy factory offers them, and you may even get to try their product for free! 

In most cities there are also Free Walking Tours that take you around the main attractions, and while it’s a good idea to tip the guide at the end of the tour, as the name says, it’s essentially free, and you’ll only have to pay what you can afford.  

Binge-Watch a Series

There’s a new TV series everyone’s talking about, and you don’t want to miss it. If you already have a subscription to the streaming device that features it, it won’t cost you any more than what you’re already paying to call your friends over, or sit on the couch by yourself with a bucket of popcorn and binge-watch until it ends. If you don’t however, you can still enjoy the show for free. 

How, you’re asking? All streaming services, from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu or Disney +, offer a free trial most of the time, which sometimes lasts a whole month.

So not only will you get to watch the series, but you’ll enjoy a whole month of free content. Don’t forget to cancel the subscription before the time’s up! 

Make a Budget

Making a budget is not only free, but it can help you afford other things in the future. It’s also very useful to start a savings account, to pay your bills on time, and set realistic financial goals for your life. 

Meal Prep

Meal-prepping is a life savior and one of my favorite frugal living tips, especially if you have kids and busy schedules during the week. Knowing that your lunches and dinners are pretty much ready contributes to mental peace and is one of the fun things to do with little money if you’re into cooking, so set up a date with your kitchen on Sunday afternoons and meal prep for the week. 

You can make big quantities of a meal to freeze or reuse with different sides during the week, or to take with you to work and also have lunch ready for your family.  

Browse the Web for Ideas to Meal Prep

You’re meal prepping: great! Now, what are you cooking exactly? The lack of ideas can keep you from following through with the activity, but don’t let that stop you!

A super fun thing to do is imagine those yummy, healthy meals you’ll be enjoying during the week, and what better way to do so than researching delicious and easy recipes to make. Build up a large list of ideas, so every week you have new things to prepare and the excitement keeps you motivated to do it!

Write Gratitude Letters to the People in your Life

I can’t think of a better way for you to spend your free time than writing letters to acknowledge your loved ones, can you? It can be a great activity to enjoy outdoors, at the beach, or in your picnic spot, and you’ll make the people around you very happy (and probably emotional, let’s be honest). 

Grab some nice paper and ribbons to tie them, and write a letter for every person you feel has impacted positively in your life. You can even write them for people who are no longer part of it, but it’s a good exercise to count your blessings as well, and realize how lucky and loved you are, which sometimes is easy to forget (and so important to remember!) 

Start a Book (or Movie) Club 

Are you a bookworm? A movie savvy? You can’t stand watching a new release and not being able to speak your mind about every detail of it? Then start your own movie club! Or book club or whatever-your-hobby-might-be club.

You can invite your friends in the beginning, and eventually make it open to the public if you feel comfortable. You can watch movies together and analyze them over dinner later, or assign a book for all to read and meet at the end of the month to discuss it.

It’s one of the incredibly fun things to do that don’t cost money, a great way to meet new people, and keeps you accountable to actually do those things you enjoy so much but often neglect. 

Organize a photoshoot 

Instead of paying a photographer to take your family pictures, do it yourself! Tell everyone to dress up, go to a beautiful place like the beach or a state park, get your camera ready and shoot! You can set a timer to be in the picture, or ask a friend to come help; if they’re into photography, even better!  

You’ll get to practice your photography skills, have tons of fun, and go home with spectacular pictures to hang on your wall. 

Pick up on Projects you Put Off

Do you remember when you said you’d learn pottery the following month…and dozens of months have gone by? Well, it’s time to pick up on those abandoned projects.

Make your own handcrafted yearly calendar using family photos and sparkling glue; get the pottery-making equipment out of the box; start writing the script for that million-dollar movie idea you had. It’s gonna cost you nothing and bring you so much satisfaction to accomplish things you’ve been wanting to do for ages! 

Reorganize Your House

Don’t you rearrange your living room furniture when you’re bored? Really?! You could remodel the whole space only by changing the position of things, and give your rooms a refreshed look. 

How about redecorating your whole house in this manner? You may even find out a hidden talent for being an interior designer. Start with your living room, rearranging the armchairs, coffee table, and other furniture, trying different positions until you find one you love. Do the same in your bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, and get yourself a completely new home to live in, without spending a penny! 

Rearranging furniture can also help you utilize spaces that were neglected before, or make the room feel larger, and it’s a very fun way to spend your day. 

Pamper Yourself 

Who said it takes going to a fancy spa and spending tons of money to be pampered? You can enjoy your own self-care ritual at home and turn it into a weekly habit, so no matter how busy or stressful your days are, you get to indulge yourself with some pampering me-time. 

Take a long, hot shower (or a bubble bath if you have a tub!); use lemon and sugar or coffee grounds to make a natural exfoliator for your face and body; soak your feet in warm water while you listen to your favorite artist; put on a robe after your shower and stay in it; do your nails; relax with a face mask done by yourself…the possibilities are many! Plan your pampering date ahead, as the anticipation is almost as enjoyable as actually doing it! 

If you’re sharing the experience with a friend or your partner, you can also take turns to give each other a massage. How good is that?

Play Chess with Your Neighbors 

If you’re a chess player or have recently started to learn online or with your home set, get out of your house and wander around the parks and squares of your city: many have chess boards for citizens to play!

Find fellow players willing to be challenged by you and upgrade your abilities by learning from more advanced players.  

Declutter Your Devices

You’ve already decluttered your house, right? Now it’s time to move to your devices. Are there apps on your phone you haven’t used in years (literally)? How many pictures do you have in your camera roll, and when was the last time you revised them? Get rid of things that take up space and are completely useless for you, and do the same in your computer, iPad, e-reader, and all the electronic devices you own.  

Acts of Kindness 

Acts of Kindness, like volunteering, cost nothing and are priceless to those who benefit from them. As a reward, you’ll probably feel incredibly fulfilled and happy as well, and they don’t even have to take much effort or time.

An act of kindness can be to assist a blind person to cross the street, offer your elderly neighbors to do their grocery shopping for them, give up your spot in line to someone in a hurry, or make someone smile.

As you go through your day, remember that all the people you come across are going through their own stuff and that your act of kindness, which doesn’t cost you anything, might have a big impact in their lives. 

Go Down the Memory Lane 

Looking for places to go with no money? I can think of one. Get that box filled with old photographs out of under your bed or the top of your wardrobe (isn’t it there where we keep them?) and make yourself comfortable: you’re going for a walk down memory lane.

Keep your phone handy, as you make want to snap some pictures to send to friends or relatives, which will probably make them laugh hard, if not for the picture itself, for the memories it arises. You’ll have a great time, the hours will fly by and all the amusement will be completely free

Sign Up for a Free Class 

Community colleges often offer free classes on certain subjects, especially at the beginning of each term, so be on the lookout for them. You could also look for other alternatives, like community centers or even stores.

Did you know Apple offers free classes on different aspects of their devices? It might be your chance to finally use your iPhone to its fullest potential, and enjoy interesting things to do even when broke.

Learn How to DIY

Your car broke down? That probably translates to hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, not only for the repair but for the emergency fees you’ll have to pay. Your living room walls need to be repainted? Your faucet is leaking? Does your daughter need to cut her hair? All those things can cost quite a bit of money…or nothing at all, if you learn to do them yourself! That’s what they did in the Great Depression era to save money.

Watch a tutorial and teach yourself to cut and dye your hair, get some tools and google how to fix your bathroom faucet, protect your furniture and paint your walls. You’ll save tons of money, it won’t cost you nearly as much, and you’ll have something fun to do; how rewarding is it to start the car in the morning knowing that it’s working thanks to your skills? 

Start your own Recipes Book

No, this one shouldn’t be a mere suggestion under Meal-Prep, it deserves its own section. Of course, meal prepping is a great excuse to start your own recipes book, since you’ll want to revisit your favorite ones and it may be hard to keep track of them online.

Having a physical (or virtual if that’s more your thing) book where you can compile family recipes, the ones shared in scraps of paper that you can hardly read these days or the variants you make to classic dishes is so much better.

For starters, it will make your cooking life easier, but it’s also a fantastic memory book with the tips and secrets of your family, you can put your crafting skills to practice b

Research your Family Tree

If you have elderly relatives, give them a call or invite them for coffee and ask them to tell you everything they know about your lineage, or else you can research genealogy sites like Ancestry and Genealogy to find out more about your ancestors.

You may discover that some of them migrated from different countries, and make it a bucket list item to visit! 

Doing a family tree can be really fun, and all you’ll have to spend is time and some patience. 

Host a Night Party at your home 

Do you have weekly meetings with your friends at restaurants or cafes? Fun things to do that cost no money involve hosting that dinner party in your own home. 

Take out your board games, download the rules for Minute to Win It, prepare some karaoke, and be prepared for an incredibly fun night! As for the food, ask everyone to bring their own snacks and you’ll enjoy each other’s culinary abilities. 

Wait! Isn’t this a great occasion to exchange recipes as well? You know where you’ll be writing them down…  

Attend a Dress Rehearsal 

Usually, shows and plays hold a dress rehearsal before officially performing, and while they won’t be perfect and as smooth as watching them in the theater, you can still watch them for free!   

Call your local theater group and ask them if and when they’ll be holding their rehearsal, and enjoy the play. 

Start a Morning Routine 

It is said that the most successful people in the world have something in common, and that’s a morning routine. Wouldn’t it be great to share this billionaire habit with them?

Figure out how you would like to start your day to feel more energetic and clear-minded and wake up earlier than usual to do it. It can be anything from exercising, reading, meditating and practicing yoga, writing in your journal, or doing affirmations. 

Go For a Swim 

Does your community have a swimming pool you can use? Then make swimming a habit; not only it’s a super fun thing to do that requires no money at all, but it’s an excellent exercise for the body and the mind. Yup! Swimming can be a form of therapy to quiet your mind and drown your thoughts for a while, as well as work out even on the hottest days. 

If you don’t have access to a pool, you can still swim at the beach or a nearby lake, and make it a fun day out. Pair it with the picnic and take some crosswords or your journal with you, and you’ll enjoy plenty of free activities in the outdoors! 

Plan Your Own Yard Sale   

If you took up the decluttering activity, it’s very likely that you ended up with a bunch of unused stuff piled up to get rid of. If there’s anything in good condition that someone else can benefit from, like toys from when your kids were toddlers, books you don’t longer want, or clothes with their tags still attached, you could either put them in your kindness list and donate them, or do a yard sale. 

Doing your own yard sale is not only fun, but it can give you the chance to meet your neighbors better, make new acquaintances and put your stuff to good use. If you feel like you don’t have enough things to sell to set up a sale, invite your friends and family to declutter their own homes and join you in your yard! It’s definitely going to be extra fun if you share it with other people. 

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