Stefania is a successful blogger, having created her first website in 2014 after finishing her master’s in Communications. From a young age, she knew she didn’t want to be stuck in an office all day working for someone else, so she quickly started her travel blog and freelance business.

Steph didn’t know much about personal finance. Only in her late 20s, she realized the importance of managing money effectively and quickly paid off her student debt as a good first step.

She then moved on to track her expenses, grow her income and increase her net worth considerably. She currently invests in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and international real estate projects while running a six-figure online business.

Originally from Italy, she speaks 4 languages fluently and considers herself a true world citizen.

Her goal is to reach financial independence by 40 and raise a happy family.

Francisco is a successful online entrepreneur running a multiple six-figure-a-year business. He’s worked as a marketing consultant for EY and advised several Silicon Valley high-growth startups in the years before becoming a full-time personal finance YouTuber.

Growing up in Argentina, he learned about inflation, economic downturns, financial crisis, and the importance of knowing how to manage money naturally from a young age. He has been keeping track of his expenses, multiple income sources, and net worth for years.

Francisco has been investing in the stock market since 2013 and buying a whole bunch of different asset classes like stocks, different types of ETFs, bonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc.

He has a BA in Business Administration, he recently got the International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management from the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment in London and continues to study and learn about finance and investing daily.

He’s passionate about teaching people how to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Francisco is on track to retire before 40 and having visited +100 countries while working online.

Stef and Fran met a few years ago while traveling through Romania. Since then they have been traveling the world while working online. Together they push each other to keep growing in every aspect of their lives.

Combined they have +450.000 monthly readers, followers, and subscribers… and 0 kids (for now).

Over the last few years, our work has been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, Refinery29, and many other media outlets.